Welcome to my page!  I am currently attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where in September of 2013, I hope to have my Bachelor’s of Science in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.  My passions thus far are Motion Design, CG Art, and Compositing.  As a digital artist, I enjoy creating 3D models, texturing and animating them, and with 2D files or footage, create a more diverse set of Motion Graphics.  After college, I hope to pursue a career in the commercial industry, and then go gladly wherever that takes me.  The Motion Graphics industry is “exploding”, someone once said to me, and I intend on being an active participant in its takeover of national television.

The “corporate-identity” alias is metaphorical for the professionalism I wish to strive for on my concepts and visuals.   I felt that my love for the uniformity and beauty of suave design would best be reflected in it.



Linkedin: http://http://www.linkedin.com/in/corporateidentity/

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/corporateidentity

Joey Kelly,

Motion Designer/Compositor



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